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ADD ME [03 Feb 2005|08:37pm]
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jess&liz [31 Jan 2005|11:51am]

who is thelma and who is louise?
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god damn the black night with all its foul temptations [05 May 2004|03:51pm]
coachella was wonderful. waking up at 6am for a shower wasn't exactly great, but overall hardly anything to complain about. bands that i saw: the sounds, the stills, death cab for cutie, the rapture, pixies, radiohead, pretty girls make graves, !!!, muse, thursday, belle & sebastian, the flaming lips, the cure, and le tigre. one regret: didn't get to see bright eyes due to rather ideal position at the main stage. i've never had so many other people's sweat on me and not cared. i received my first proposition for a fight.

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[03 Feb 2004|08:34am]
My entire journal has now been set to "friends-only". I doubt that this will make any difference to anyone, but if there is anyone that isn't on my friends list that would like to be able to read my journal please post a comment.

Thank you,
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